DTH Dating – Date three, Fratelli, Belfast

November 3, 2017


We’re over half way through my blind dates with #DTHDating and what a few weeks it has been! In case you’ve missed it, dates one and two have taken us to Malmaison and Town Square in Belfast and both have been fabulous, I have to say though, I fell in love on date number 3…

Unfortunately, it wasn’t with my blind date but the amazing Fratelli on Great Victoria Street, Belfast.

Having been to Fratelli before and never been disappointed, I was looking forward to going for my third blind date.

I was meeting my date, Dave straight after work so I have to say, I was a little flustered when I arrived and the lashing rain certainly didn’t help.

I was met by maître d’, Rebecca who very kindly welcomed me to the restaurant and straight away, I felt at ease and almost forgot that my hair was a fuzzy mess (I couldn’t even use the excuse that it was Halloween?!). Rebecca took me upstairs to the recently launched La Taverna restaurant. She showed me around and explained that she had set up the outside covered veranda complete with blankets, cushions and FIRE if we wanted to sit there -anyone who knows me knows I love my comforts so I didn’t have to think twice!

A few minutes later, my date Dave arrived. As per all my blind dates I introduced myself and explained it was lovely to meet him, until he told me that it was nice to meet me again! It took me a minute to realise where we had actually met before until it clicked that we had met earlier this summer at an event! It also occurred to me that I had unintentionally insulted Dave during our initial meeting… I was hoping he didn’t remember that part?!

Rebecca came to take our drinks order and gave us some breadsticks and dip. It was a lovely touch. We opted for cocktails and were spoilt for choice at the huge variety of drinks available on the menu at La Taverna. I went for the Mojito Alla Fragola Con Prosecco suggested by Rebecca and Dave went for the Mojito Con Presca Bianca. 

I have to say, I felt very at ease with Dave – maybe it was because we had met before, I’m not sure but the conversation was flowing. He also made me chuckle when one of his first comments were “I’ve read your blog… I think Dean is my competition!” haha. 10/10 for wittiness Dave! J

The location of La Taverna definitely added to the experience – overlooking Great Victoria Street during rush hour in the lashing rain with a cocktail in hand – It was perfect!

Once we finished our cocktail, we made our way into the restaurant where we reviewed the extensive menu. Our waiter, Paul brought us another drink and we did struggle when deciding what to eat but eventually I decided on the Piccante Milano pizza and Dave chose the chicken and chorizo risotto.

Once again, Rebecca came over to make sure we were enjoying our evening. The service throughout the whole evening was outstanding and we both felt very well looked after.

At this stage, I think Dave and I knew there wasn’t an attraction between us but it felt like I was having dinner with one of my friends, which is definitely a good sign.

My favourite topics of conversation throughout the evening were hangover cures – Dave’s suggestion of eggs the day after drinking is one I’ll definitely consider next time I’m feeling slightly fragile and we also chatted about our worst dating experiences. There were some very funny stories and I really enjoyed Dave’s company.

Our food arrived relatively quickly and I was very excited to tuck in. My pizza looked amazing, and it did not disappoint. The flavours tickled my taste buds – the best pizza I’d had in ages. Even thinking about it now makes me want to jump in my car to go back! Dave also really enjoyed his risotto although the portion sizes were so big, we unfortunately couldn’t finish our mains.

In saying that, once the dessert menu appeared we obviously had a look and thought it would be a shame not to sample the offerings. Dave went for the Cioccolato Mousse e Biscotti Coccanti Al Cioccolato and whilst I wasn’t going to go for a dessert, Rebecca suggested the cheese board so I went for that.

The portion sizes of the desserts are small so aren’t ideal for sharing but hey, it’s an excuse to get two desserts! The chocolate mousse with biscotto looked delicious when it arrived and the cheeseboard was also gorgeous.  

There really were no complaints from myself or Dave about any part of the evening. We were treated so well by everyone who worked at Fratelli and it’s definitely went to the top of my recommendations list for places to eat in Belfast.

It certainly won’t be as long again before I return, in fact – their next ‘Ladies Night Goes to the Movies’ is showing one of my favourites, Sleepless in Seattle on 5th December. The offer includes a main course, glass of wine, mini dessert and private screening of the movie for only £25 per person! I’ve already suggested it to my girlfriends so hopefully it’s a goer!



Rate the date

Location – 4.5*

Overall, I had a really enjoyable evening with Dave that was made even better with the fantastic setting of La Taverna. I cannot rate Fratelli highly enough for a date. From the service, the location, the quality of food and the atmosphere, it was an all round excellent experience. Whilst our main courses and drinks were complimentary courtesy of Fratelli, it really is great value for money.  Dave very kindly sorted out the remainder of our bill. It’s very reassuring to meet a nice, genuine and hardworking guy who treats a lady well.

So…. now it’s onto our final #DTHDating blind date! Will it be a case of leaving the best to last? Let’s wait and see!

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