DTH Dating – Date 2, Town Square Belfast

October 18, 2017

(Blog by The Dolly Bird – Twitter: @TheDollyBirdNI)

This week my second blind date was much s’more fun than I ever anticipated!

My friends @Down the Hatch NI choose Town Square Café on Botanic Avenue in Belfast as the next venue in the series.

I remember Lynsey once telling me that her first date with Robert was at Café Smart and that going to a coffee shop meant the date from the outset seemed more chilled than going for dinner, so I had high hopes for my second blind date with Dean.  

I’m not sure why but I felt a little more nervous than usual this week. I think it was because I was conscious of being seated in very close proximity to the other diners compared to my previous week’s date, where we had complete privacy.

A few minutes later, I spotted a very handsome guy waiting to be seated and my heart began to flutter – all I could think was ‘Laura keep cool!’

It was funny, almost straightaway I forgot where we were as the conversation flowed so easily – we were talking like this was our fifth date as opposed to our first! 

 My date Dean was very handsome, to the point that I think if we met in different circumstances, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to talk to him (this whole #DTHDating series definitely has its upsides!)

Down the Hatch had kindly prepaid for us to sample the s’more share board, which is very reasonably priced at £7, as well as two gins (complements of Town Square). Not being gin drinkers, we were unsure of what to get but our waitress suggested a few different varieties, so we both decided on the Eden Mill Love. 

Our waitress brought out the S’mores board and it looked fab! Three marshmallows each, with chocolate biscuits and a table burner for us to toast the mallows on… It was so much fun, although we didn’t anticipate how messy and gooey the toasted marshmallows would be (not the best look for a first date but it certainly gave us something to laugh about).  

 After our s’mores our gins were served and they looked amazing –I felt sophisticated regardless of whether or not I actually liked the taste of gin (I did!), I would have happily sat and held the glass all night as it was so pretty!

Our gin came with a Merchants Heart mixer, which was also tasty. Our only criticism of the gin was the flowers in the drink. As beautiful as they were to look at, on a few occasions we both had flowers stuck to our mouths! Luckily, at this stage we had chatted and laughed enough that it became a joke each time and the laughter continued. 

 By this stage in the night there was only the two of us in Town Square.

We had chatted about everything and didn’t notice the time going in. Soon enough we were ready for our second drink in no time – I opted for the same again but  Dean tried the Jawbox Gin with Ginger Ale which he enjoyed – though a bit of honeycomb might have made it as decedent as our first gin.

By the time we finished our second drink, Town Square was starting to quieten down, but we weren’t ready for home yet so we decided to move on for a couple more drinks to Lavery’s Bar. 

Overall, I had a really great evening and came home buzzing! I really enjoyed Dean’s company as he was so engaging and interesting (I can hear Lynsey now going OOOOooooOOOO!!!).

If it hadn’t of been for having to get our transport home, we probably would have sat until the wee hours of the morning. Is there the potential for a second date?  Well, I think the fact that I didn’t want to go home tells a tale or two so we’ll see…… Good work Down the Hatch!  

 Rate the date 

Location – 4* – The final bill in Town Square for our two drinks was a reasonable at £13.90. Apart from my initial reservations about the location where we were seated, I ended up really liking Town Square. It is a casual setting and the food looked amazing. I definitely think I would go back for lunch or dinner (or another date!) but I wouldn’t choose it as a location for a first date due to its lack of privacy but the s’more board was certainly fun talking point to ease use into the date! 


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