Bottoms Up! – DTH go for a bottomless brunch at Horatio Todd’s

July 27, 2017
DTH Towers is but a hop, skip and a jump from Horatio Todd’s, so we’re there quite a bit.
As a venue for dressed-down drinks or a midweek catch-up, it’s pretty much perfect.
Not only do they host what is officially the greatest pub quiz in the world (*SNFA) but their cocktail list is so good I’ve had to create a new adjective to do it justice – scrumtralescent!
So when they invited us to try Northern Ireland’s first bottomless brunch we were excited. Everyone remembers significant firsts – First man on the moon? Neil Armstrong.  First to run a four minute mile? Roger Bannister. Would this be another memorable event to add to the list?
The omens were good. We were greeted by a friendly and attentive waitress who brought us to a table before returning seconds later with a glass of crisp, cold prosecco. Cheers!
When I heard the words ‘bottomless brunch’, I tended to think of it as girls-only affair. I pictured a gaggle of thirty-somethings dripping in diamonds, carrying miniature handbag dogs, sipping on champers and having a giggle. Looking around the room, it certainly did appeal to the ladies, but despite my lack of diamonds (they were in for polishing) or a chihuahua, I was made to feel extremely comfortable. It would make a great birthday treat or a refined date option – bound to impress.
When the waitress arrived with the menus, we were both struck by the same thing – the breadth of choice and creativity of dishes on offer. The unique selling point is undoubtedly the bottomless drinks (prosecco, mimosas and Bloody Marys), so it would have been very easy to get lazy with the food. On the contrary. Alongside the standard fry, French toast and avocado on sourdough were dishes like huevos rancheros, asparagus with poached eggs and crab hollandaise and a delicious-sounding breakfast taco.
We opted for the avocado on sourdough, which worked brilliantly with the crispy, salty bacon and the fluffy French toast, also with bacon and maple syrup. That too was thoroughly tasty, though only after removing the garnish of chopped chives, which was an unusual addition, but easily dispensed of.
As we ate, our vigilant waitress kept on eye on the level of our drinks and if they were nearing empty, swooped in to ask if we’d like another.
In the interest of completeness (the things we do for you, dear reader) we tried all three drinks included in the selection.
The prosecco was lovely and light, with a crisp green apple flavour and creamy mouth-feel – very approachable, even at 11 o’clock in the morning. The mimosas were fresh and sweet with plenty of sparkle, which suggests a healthy fizz-to-juice ratio. The Bloody Marys, though, were the star of the show. A far cry from the overly-tobasco-ed drink served with an anaemic stick of wilting celery you may have nursed in an airport lounge, these were packed with sweet, smoky tomato flavour and a pleasant chili kick. Plenty of thought had gone into this luscious libation – combining smoked vodka with chili liquor from one of our favourite local booze makers, Ruby Blue and a dash of celery bitters – fantastic.
So, the food was good, the drinks even better, but does it represent value for money?
The price of brunch options ranges from £6.50 for the French toast or breakfast taco to £10.95 for the chargrilled minute steak (mmmm) -pretty typical brunch prices and taking into account the quality and standard of service, very good. A glass of prosecco at the bar is £6.95, a Bloody Mary, £7.50 (the mimosa doesn’t feature elsewhere on the menu). We each had four drinks in the one-and-a-bit hours we were there, which indiviually would have added up to around £29 for drinks alone. Had we been paying, I think we would have left with the virtuous feeling of having somehow saved money by eating out.
 Would we recommend it? In short, yes. But make sure to book a taxi!
 Brunch costs £27.50 per person and  is available every Saturday (11am-2pm). Booking in advance is recommended.
*Society of Not Fake Awards

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